Garanzie di sicurezza dei reattori EPR

Di Italianieuropei Venerdì 25 Marzo 2011 13:03 Stampa

Valutazione di Yves Marignac delle garanzie di sicurezza offerte dai reattori EPR alla luce di quanto avvenuto a Fukushima.

Yves Marignac is executive director of the energy information agency WISE-Paris, which he joined as research associate in 1997, after four years shared between academic research in Paris-XI University and applied studies in the French nuclear institute CEA and nuclear company STMI on nuclear energy and public information. His work covers a wide range of services, from information to consultancy and studies, to various institutional bodies, NGOs and medias at national and international level. He has authored or contributed to many publications and studies on energy and global environmental issues. He participated in 1999-2000 in the economic evaluation of the nuclear option commissioned by French Prime Minister (known as Charpin-Dessus-Pellat report), and in 2001 in the report to the European Parliament's Scientific and Technological Option Assessment (STOA) Panel on reprocessing plants' discharges. In 2005, he acts as consultant to the Commission preparing the institutional public debate on the project of a new French nuclear reactor, EPR.

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